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knock! Knock! It’s free shipping is working tirelessly to give high quality products and services to its customers at a competitive price. Since we started operations, we were investigating on our logistics and studying on how to give our customers a "Free Delivery" service. Finally, we are now able to announce our "Free Delivery" Service to our existing and potential esteemed customers. Kindly Visit & Enjoy Shopping with

Addisber: Connecting Ethiopia to the world market

Addisber: Connecting Ethiopia to the world market Digital economy plays a vital role in economic development and growth of a country. As Ethiopia, striving for fast and sustainable economic growth, digital economy contributes considerably to the next level economic development of the nation. This digital economy enables the conduction of trade in goods and services as well as the payment system on the internet and using digital system. Over the last few years, it has been noticed an increase of [...]

Online shopping portal with its own warehouse enters the Ethiopian Market_World New’s

Detecting the growing trend of the digital market, a local technology firm Addis Path Trading has presented a new online shopping portal called“ is the valuable platform for all personal and business needs,” said Fitsum Hailu, General Manager of Addis Path Trading. As he said the portal presents a wide range of products to its existing and potential customers. The portal includes items such as educational and entertainment, stationery and office supplies, cosmetics, food items, gardening and [...]