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Blog introduces its mobile Apps designed for Android and IOS

According to Statista, the number of smartphone users worldwide reach up to 2.87 billion by 2020. Even in Ethiopia, there is an exponential growth of smart phone users. In line with this, have both android and IOS apps to make customers’ shopping experience even simpler and accessible on hand. you can download our apps from the two links below. Android App : Ios App :

Read more... concludes contract agreement with Bank of Abyssinia

Recently, concluded E-commerce merchant agreement with Bank of Abyssinia for the acceptance of Visa cards and Master cards using CyberSource. CyberSource provides a single platform solution from customer-friendly payment experiences to automated fraud protection. This lets customers to order and arrange payment from abroad using Visa cards or Master Cards. Particularly for those living in a foreign land or Diaspora, who has family members here in Ethiopia and wish to send items and daily needs instead of [...]


Research Paper Writers – How They Could Succeed

People who offer research papers are known as Research Paper Writers. Their job would be to write the best academic paper that will stick out from the rest of the crowd and permit them to get their work done.The job of Research Paper Writers has several aspects. Firstthey write several papers for students who have an excellent academic (more…)


Ethiopia: Retail distribution is demanding lawful market hubs ( Article From

Ethiopia: Retail distribution is demanding lawful market hubs A supply chain in the retail business is a network between different entities that basically incorporates suppliers, producers and distributors of a specific product in order to deliver to the final consumer. It includes different activities, people, companies, information, and resources. The supply chain also involves the steps it takes to have the service or product from its original place. Most of a time, supply chain is developed by companies so that they can [...]


Companies in Ethiopia aspire to introduce online shopping portals (Article from

Companies in Ethiopia aspire to introduce online shopping portals . Online shopping is a transaction method in which the transfer of items and funds happen through online over electronic transfer mechanisms. In this regard, the online transaction process shall use secured shopping and protected through passwords. Mostly the transaction mechanism applies three steps. These are to register through online, to order, and to pay through online. Generally speaking, online transaction platform is information systems that assist and deal with transaction-based applications, classically for [...]


Message from the General Manager (September, 2019)

Dear Parents! Teachers! and Students! Hope you have enjoyed our online shopping portal and feel the pleasure of spending your shopping time with us. Now, it's back-to-school time, but that means it's also the time when you have to tackle those long and specific school supply lists. Students required to bring these different school supplies while they are in school. Most parents spend much of their time in collecting these school supplies from different shops in town. Since most parents are busy of the daytime and the fact that most [...]


Message from the General Manager (August, 2019)

Dear our Customers At we have two key priorities, Firstly we make sure that our online shopping portal is convenient and user-friendly to our customers. is constructed not with overly complex interfaces, but instead is straightforward, providing quick access to common features or commands to shop online or to order by the provided options. Secondly, we play a vital role in connecting our customers with what they need for their day-to-day activities. By having these two priorities in mind, we have stored different items, mostly originated [...]